Matt Creed and Andrew Simkiss, budding and buzzed about New York-based film makers,
have created an easily accessible web forum to showcase their work of stylish and artistic
shorts and longer narrative films on, UptheRiverNY.com.

"We just started shooting stuff together a couple of months ago. It started out pretty mellow,
but all of a sudden we had a bunch of films we wanted to show people. So from there we
made the site and put them all up," said Simkiss. A casual undertaking indeed, but with very
inspiring results.

A feature film is even in development, written by Simkiss, a recent NYU graduate of the
university's film program, and starring Creed, who still graces Beatrice Inn in the West Village
proving his additional musical inclination as a DJ, and more privately, guitarist. Creed and
Simkiss recently spent time in LA scouting out a location for the film that will have a plot based
within the 1930's on a ranch in California. "The location we've got is beautiful, and we're just
working our way through pre-production right now, doing some casting and fundraising and
all that. The music is going to be done by Evan Koga of Chief and Sean O'Brien of Papa,
which we're also really excited about," said Creed. The site is regularly updated and full of
a refreshing unique-ness, truly reflective of it's makers, with much to look forward to.

-Ashley Fodor